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There are many regulatory requirements to consider and satisfy when deploying and operating ServiceNow® in a GxP environment, such as in biopharmaceutical, medical devices, and related industries under the FDA, EMA, and other regulations. This requires more rigorous planning, implementation, testing, and documentation. snowaid can help you every step along the journey with the services we provide below:
Validation Support From the creation of the Validation Master Plan (VMP), Test Plan, and other required documentation to the completion of the Test Summary Report, Traceability Matrix, and Validation Summary Report, snowaid, in close collaboration with your IT and Quality teams, can help you with
  1. Risk assessment to determine and document what may need to be validated and how.
  2. Technical contents related to ServiceNow architecture and dependencies.
  3. Leveraging ServiceNow® CORE (Compliance Operations Readiness Evidence) for Life Sciences.
Project Management Support Whether you are using the project management applications in ServiceNow® or other enterprise PPM tools, snowaid, in close collaboration with your PMO and implementation partners, can help you with
  1. Gathering and documenting User and Functional Requirements.
  2. Documenting Detailed Design Specifications based on configuration changes.
  3. Project planning and execution in sync with validation activities.
Testing Support Testing is an essential part of any ServiceNow deployment that ensures defect-free delivery of user requirements. snowaid, in close collaboration with your Testing team, can help you with
  1. Test strategy and planning, including which tests are needed when, applying risk-based approach as appropriate.
  2. Creation of test cases and scripts.
  3. Execution of test scripts, automating as appropriate.
Training and SOP Support Training is a key prerequisite for deploying a GxP system along with its related processes. snowaid, in close collaboration with your Training team, can help you with
  1. Training strategy and planning, including trainee analysis, formats and media.
  2. Creation of effective training materials, such as job aids, instruction guides, and videos.
  3. Documentation impact analysis to assess what other documents many need to updated.
  4. Updating SOPs and other impacted documents.
  5. Creation of Standard Change SOP to streamline low-risk ServiceNow changes.

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